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Common Causes of Cracks in Windshields

Cracks in windshields are not a good look. They can cause both aesthetic and safety concerns for drivers, but they’re also fairly common. In fact, according to Safelite AutoGlass, “about 10 million cracks happen each year.” There are many causes of windshield cracks, so we put together this handy list of the most common ones:


Hail can strike any time of the year. Hail the size of golf balls or even baseballs will cause small chips on your windshield, which could lead to cracks over time. If a hail storm is coming, your best option to avoid cracks over time on your car’s windshields would be to come see our auto glass repair center as soon as possible and let us take care of it for you.


When a car manufacturer makes an error, it can be costly to repair. For example, if the windshield is improperly installed or ordered incorrectly from the beginning and cracks during a collision; this could result in injury for any passengers who are seated behind that window on impact.


It’s important to remember that windows may become damaged if you change the temperature drastically. Leaving your car outside in direct sunlight for too long can also damage them.

It is very important not only during the summer months but all year round to be mindful of how changing temperatures could affect a window and lead it towards possible damages; especially when things start getting colder as there are drastic differences between cold weather and warmer days.


One of the reasons that temperatures fluctuate at an accelerated rate is sunlight. The sun’s heat on metal and other materials around glass can cause the edges to expand faster than in the middle, leading to cracks along its surface and eventually through it. We recommend parking your car inside or under a shade whenever possible!


Windy days can be troublesome because of all the dirt and debris that’s flying around. When it slams into your windshield, it’ll eventually start to penetrate the surface overtime. And when you get some chips in there, we’re happy to take care of them for quick and easy repair.

Have a cracked windshield? Come to Woodland Auto Glass & Windshield Repair Specialist and we’ll get it fixed right up!

We offer auto glass replacementwindshield chip repair, full front or rear window replacements. Whatever your need is for vehicle safety needs – you can count on us. Just stop by in order to fix that busted-up car of yours today.

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