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Can Auto Glass Spontaneously Shatter? 5 Things You Need To Know

Auto Glass Repair and Auto Glass Replacement are two of the most common services that a car glass company offers. But what if your windshield spontaneously shattered? It seems like an odd question, but it actually does happen from time to time.  In this blog post, we will explore five facts you need to know about auto glass and spontaneous shattering for your own safety.

What Is Spontaneous Glass Shattering?

Spontaneous glass breakage is essentially what it sounds like: a sudden shattering, explosion, or less severe breakage in a sheet of tempered safety glass that only occurs with no apparent cause. Why does this type of tempered safety glass suddenly shatter?

There are four levels of tempering: glass can be heat-strengthened, lightened and toughened through the use of calcium fluoride; it can also have a surface treatment to increase its resistance against acids. The “toughening” process required for this type of tempered glass places intense stress on the outer layer during manufacturing which grants more safety from sudden impacts that would normally shatter ordinary window panes.

The tensile stress in the body of the glass naturally balances out compression which puts a lot of pressure on safety glasses. Given how much stress it is under, if there’s even minor damage to edges or interior, then that may be all it takes for something major like shattering suddenly and with no warning! 

Risk Factors For Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Now that you know spontaneous glass shattering is a real thing, the best way to avoid it if at all possible would be by tending to back glass repairs or rear window replacement promptly. What are some warning signs? Aside from handling necessary auto glass repairs or window replacements as quickly and efficiently as possible, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for these potential red flags:

1) Edge damage

When a tempered glass window has chips, cracks or any other imperfection in the edges of it and is exposed to environmental stressors like temperature, wind or road vibrations over time, it can cause more stress to the glass imperfections and trigger spontaneous breakage.

2) Thermal stress

The intensity and last of thermal climates can prompt glass to contract or expand. However, if the stress exceeds what is possible for that type of window then it will break. If you’ve noticed your windows becoming ridiculously hot in the sun or cold during winter weather, try parking in a covered area so as not too put unnecessary pressure on them.

3) Window frame changes

When the frame of a vehicle window incurs damage or changes shape for other reasons, it may no longer get adequate cushioning and protection. Driving vibrations, heat transfer from the vehicle frame, and excess pressure on frames can all contribute to spontaneous breakage in tempered glass windows which often leads to more expensive repairs down the line.

4) Nickle-sulfide particles

The glass in your vehicle window is made using a tempered process to make it more durable, but there are still some risks. Some nickel-sulfide can get trapped within the sheet of glass and compromise its strength or integrity – you’ll never be able to detect this chemically present contaminant with bare eyesight alone! This would normally not pose much risk since stringent manufacturing standards exist for automobile windows; however, if even one small piece were discolored by corrosion from exhaust fumes then that could weaken an entire pane of tinted car windshield causing cracks at any point on impact.

Post-Shattering Back Glass Replacement: How To Handle The Situation

In the event of a window-shattering incident, try not to panic. Keep your cool and pull over in a safe location before calling for help or documenting the scene with photographs if possible. If you have insurance coverage through work or an individual policy, it is essential that you start searching for reputable auto glass replacement companies right away so they can get started on fixing your car windows as soon as possible.

Having had your back window shatter suddenly or you’re in the market for auto glass replacement, get in touch with our team at Windshield Replacement Woodland. We specialize in comprehensive windshield repair and installation to all makes and models of vehicles!

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