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Can Tinted Windows Be Repaired When They Are Chipped by a Rock?

Tinted windows are one of the most important parts of a car. They offer privacy and protection from the sun, while still allowing for visibility when needed. However, these windows can be expensive to replace if they get chipped by a rock or something else. So, is there any way to repair them?

Repairing the Crack and the Window Film

In most cases, both your cracked windshield and any damage done to the film can be repaired. A small razor blade cuts away window tint from the affected area and a glass filler fills in the crack. Once this has set up for a few days depending on weather conditions, you’ll need to remove it with heat so that there are no seams visible when put back into place.

Replacing the Window Film

If your windshield tint is old, in poor condition or if you don’t want any seams left behind by a repair, you may opt to have the tint replaced completely after a windshield repair is done. This involves removing all of the window film from your car and then installing brand new tints that will not only be seamless but also resistant to damage from UV rays and bird droppings.

In order to keep the chips from getting worse, contact Woodland Auto Glass & Windshield Repair Specialist for all of your auto glass repair and replacement needs. They can take a look at what is wrong with your window and get it back on track before further damage sets in. Schedule an appointment today so they never have to worry about this again!

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